Facebook Jealousy

The worst part about having your travelling on hold? Jealousy!

I am currently at work (At Work?! Get your ass back to it! Yeah, I know) and for a quick break in between all the thinking, I went on Facebook. Just for like, one minute! Bad idea, I am completely distracted and in a weird mood now. Some of my Facebook friends liked some competition so it ended up on my newsfeed. You could win some citytrips or even an around the world trip. Not that I can actually take time off for that, but hell yeah I’d give it a try! So I click the link and what do I see?! It’s one of my friends who is on a crazy around the world trip organised by the university for some kind of publicity stunt! She keeps a blog that is a lot more interesting than mine, and asks a question or two a day to keep the competition going! Whoaaaaaaat?!

Haha, don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for her, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the whole story once she gets back. She is now in South-Africa, and tomorrow she is flying to Brazil. It’ll be so sunny, *sighsmiledreamdriftofftobetter* … But I just cannot help thinking, damn, I wish that was me! And also, this has completely ruined the good work vibe I had going on before I got sidetracked to Facebook, oops.

Tell me, fellow travellers-on-(temporary)-retirement: what throws you off the most? And how do you manage not to turn green and only be happy for your friends’ adventures?!

I guess my trick would be: stay the **** off Facebook! But let’s be honest, can I really.

(If you want to check out her blog, for those of you that speak Dutch: http://www.ontdekdewereld.be)

Now back to work!


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