What To Do On a Day Off From Life: How Boring Can Be Great Fun

I’ve been ill the past week. Or over-stressed. I’m not sure. What I am sure of, is that I didn’t feel good and that work is getting the best of me. I stayed home for a week with a doctor’s note saying I have a bad flu. I played Sims 4 non-stop, it’s been over 10 years that I have played Sims! I watched my series and movies. I slept loads.

And today it is time to feel better. It is Saturday. No, I am not going to catch up on all the work I didn’t do. I had planned a crafts day with a friend. We do one every month. The last two months we worked on photo frames. This is one with some of my pics from Australia.

862590803631820150321_161843 copy

We also cook up some food together, and indulge in our guilty pleasure: trash television. Yes, (I should be ashamed to admit this), I like to watch shows like Jersey Shore and The Valleys. These people are simply so dumb and living in some parallel trashy universe, it makes me feel sophisticated and smart … and it makes me laugh!

Anyways, we were gonna make candles this time at my place, I’ve been saving all my empty jars and tubs for weeks now. But my friend had to cancel because of family problems. (I hope it’ll all turn out allright! I burned a candle for her and her family.) So suddenly I find myself with another day of doing nothing ahead of me. Difference with the last week, I actually woke up feeling better, showered, did groceries, and swore to not use my computer today (at least not for games and series).

So, What to do! Like I said, games and series are not an option! As much as I enjoy them, they do not make me happy! Weird that, don’t you think? I enjoy it, but it drives me crazy. And at night I go to bed feeling really upset and annoyed. No more of that this week! Soooo … Uhm … Now what?

When I was travelling, this was never an issue! There’s always something to do! Or some place to enjoy. Even if it’s just the pool with a good book. Or a bench with a nice view. Or an exhausting hike. But of course the weather is shite and I live in a small and boring city.

And when I’m home, I’m usually working my ass off or doing laundry or shopping or cleaning or sorting out and being worried about my finances or rushing from seeing one friend to another or trying to fit in a gym session or just being stressed out about all the things just listed. Now, after a week of being ill and absolutely not wanting to work, I am left with, like I said, an empty day.

And I’m loving it.

I read the newspaper, not just the headlines. And the weekend magazine.

I put on a cheerful Spotify playlist. Totally Stress Free, that says it all, doesn’t it.

My boyfriend just messaged me saying that he bought a new book for me. Jess Walters’ Beautiful Ruins. Can’t wait to read it. It’s the kind of book that is read on a towel in the park. Bring it on, summer!

I’ve got some nice food in the fridge, I’ll be making chicken korma tonight!

And now I’m blogging. And in a good mood for a change! Put on the playlist I told you about above, you’ll know what I mean.

Once again I realise I cannot get working life get the best of me. I have some awful habits that can really drag me down. Like the hours and hours of watching awful tv shows, postponing everything that needs to get done. Let’s be honest here, have you ever felt happy after watching tv? Really? Now compare: have you ever felt happy while travelling? Why do I even ask. There’s no reason why we can’t get some of that vibe back in our generally quite boring post-travel lives! Boring can be fun! All you need is leaving your bad habits behind for a day, and doing things you used to do. Remind yourself or how life can be. Maybe we’ll keep it up!

Read. Draw. Listen to music. Play music. Sing along as out of tune as you can without knowing the lyrics. Cook. Eat. Write. Enjoy. Cheers to that!


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