Hello, summer?

The sun is shining! This is what I’ve been waiting for! Smile.
I’m sitting outside in a dress. No tights no shoes no sleeves. Sunglasses and sunscreen. It smells like holiday. Bangkok to be specific. That’s where I used sunscreen last, in July last year.
You might laugh at me. What, first rays of sun and already bothering with sunscreen? Well let me tell you this: as much as I love summer and being outside and that light behind your eyelids when your lying down, not moving an inch because that’s how sunbathing is done, I am not made for summer.
The lower part of my body is dead white and stays that white. This is the kind of white you should think of: you can’t really see the outline of my legs because the whiteness blinds you. When I’m in a club, my legs in blacklight light up the whole party. Do you have an idea now? As for the upper part of my body: it turns red. With the occasional freckle. And that myth about the redness turning brown after a while, yes, I said it, it’s a myth. Probably invented by us whities to make us feel better about ourselves. Oh and one more thing: I get really bad headaches when I’m in the sun for too long without a hat and a glass of water every half hour.
But here’s the thing: as much as going out in the sun might sound inconvenient for me, I love it. I’m out on my bare feat before anyone else has even noticed the clouds are gone. I stay there even when it turns chilly and the the grass gets stuck between my goosebumps. After all, you never know when the sun might be back. And this easter weekend is so god damn perfect for it!
I’m at my granny’s now, and had a little easter egg hunt this morning. Don’t you dare thinking that’s a bit childish and weird, any excuse is good for me to let my inner child roam free. And now I just had my first ice cream of the year! Another reason why summer is absolutely brilliant.
I love how, when the sun is out, you really don’t need anything else to feel happy. (Except maybe some easter eggs and ice cream, that always helps.)


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