How work can make you happy, occasionally

I think I just had a massive breakthrough at work. I haven’t been doing so well at work lately. The last two weeks I tried working from home, but with spring showing itself in all its glory, that might not have been the best idea. I did read a lot. I hardly ever read in winter. But when the sun is out, there’s nothing I enjoy more then finding a nice spot to install a sunscreened me with my book. Surprisingly, I even got the slightest tan! Yes, for me that’s a great achievement. I did manage to relax and enjoy myself, so maybe slacking off at work wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Since Monday I’m back at the office and I’ve been working quite well. Yesterday I had to stay home again because the trains were on strike, and I managed to spend the whole day in the library. And it seems I might have fixed the problem I’ve been working on for the last two months! And the solution is dead easy! Like seriously, so uncomplicated and obvious. So now I have rather mixed feelings: I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t see this before. I’m waiting for the realisation to come that I haven’t fixed the problem after all. But mostly I’m just really happy and hoping it’ll allow me to finally move on to the next part of my work!

So today I’m giving myself a fist bump high five pat on the back and I’m happily going in to work. Fingers crossed this new idea works out!


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