Holiday time soon!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. If only I had some crazy story to tell now. Nah. Really, not much has happened. So I haven’t had much to tell. Still don’t.

But soon I’m going on holiday. I so need it! I’ve been taking more and more self-acclaimed holidays (as in “I’ll work from home today”, often with good intentions but never with good results). I’ve been following this blog of a Belgian couple in Australia. It’s actually quite funny: as much as I thought I was doing something special over there, they are doing exactly the same things! I have the same stories, the same photos, and I bet in one year’s time they’ll have the same nostalgia.

But my future holiday plans make it a little bit more bearable. On Friday, I’m leaving for the Lake District with the boyfriend! It won’t be remote beaches and out-of-this-world sunshine, but it’ll be beautiful views, wonderfully exhausting hikes, English pub food and a big pint of ale after a long day outside. It’ll be experiencing remoteness that is nowhere to be found in my own country. I have seen some photos and heard some stories, and it’ll be exactly what I need. It’ll be just me, my love, and nature doing it’s thing.

So if anyone has been to the Lake District before and knows some hidden gems, stunning hikes, fun activities for rainy days (it is England, after all), … Let me know! I am planning to return fully charged up and ready to tackle work again like a good girl.