Coffee in Leuven

I found a new coffee place today! Which inspired me to write a little post about coffee places.

The place where you have your coffee, it’s like your favourite pillow: it has to be the perfect fit, and that’s a different fit for everyone. For me, a coffee place needs to be quiet. Or rather, peaceful. When I was still at uni, I used to come to these places to study or read some books. There was some nice mellow music, some soft chattering in the background. It is nice to be busy in your own little world, while at the same time noticing you’re not alone. The coffee was excellent, it also came with a free chocolate. And the seating was perfect for my aim: I always sat at the big table in the middle, surrounded by like-minded people trying to get some work done. Sadly, my cafe is no longer. And I’ve been looking for a new one ever since.
I went into the replacement of my favourite cafe, BarBoek!, but it is not the same. My cafe was a cafe with a book store. The new one is a book store with a cafe. Still awesome, but no longer the perfect fit.
So I went to another one I had been to before, The Coffee Cafe. It has all these old coffee grinders on the wall, cosy small wooden tables, and very good coffee. But since it closes at 2pm, again, not the perfect fit.
The one I am sitting in now is almost perfect, it’s called Anna, opposite of the museum in Leuven. It again has a long table, which is perfect because that way I don’t have to take up a whole seating arrangement for just me and my book or laptop. I can be just one of many working souls around this table. There are some couches as well, in case I would want to bring a friend for a chat. The lighting is perfect, and cosy. And even fascinating, since I keep staring at it. Maybe not the best idea.
The coffee stil has to prove itself though. I started with a filter coffee, which was not as nice as I had hoped. People always go for these fancy frothy coffees, I saw the barista do one up, it looked stunning. But I like my coffee simple and strong, no milk no anything. Either an espresso, or a filter coffee. I hate these Americanos, where they just fill up your espresso with water until they reach a bigger cup of coffee. That is not coffee. Filter coffee then is the ideal solution, that is, if it is good filter coffee. This one, not so much. But then again, filter coffee is hard enough to find, so I’ll try an espresso after to give them a second chance. (Later addition: the espresso is STRONG. That means GOOD! Though not as good as the ones I had in France a few weeks ago.)
The other minus point about this place is the music. The set up is modern-cosy, but the music is what you would hear in the town’s cheap club, 5 years ago, mixed with what the depressed teenager would listen to 10 years ago. This place needs lounge. Or jazz, even better. Or some singer-songwriter stuff. I’m not a big fan of the latter, because it can be so depressing, but it would definitely better than the stuff on now. Titanium. Really? And Rihanna? Whattt?!
Oh my god I just found a massive plus that will beat ANY Belgian cafe: they offer free water. It’s just standing there for you to poor into fancy glasses. Bazinga, well done new coffee place!
Oh and did I mention their free coffee-side biscuits are super tasty? Sticky oatmeal biscuits. Yum!
(Also, they’re playing Coldplay now. Much better. Thank you.)

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