Hello, home!

My goodness, have I got fun news for you! I moved! No no, let me rephrase that. WE moved!

About a week ago, me and the boyfriend moved in together in a spacious apartment that we’ll be renting for the next three years. The time scares the hell out of me, when are we gonna go adventuring when we are stuck in this place until the end of my contract at work in just over three years? But oh my, is it nice to have our own place!

Although I have to admit, moving was a lot more work than I had thought. I have moved before, a little bit bigger every time. It started with my first year at boarding school. I bought a few trinkets to cheer up my room. A pillow here and there, some lights, a kettle, and a few tea cups.

The year after, I went back to boarding school with all of that plus the things I collected during the year. A picture to put on the wall, a plant.

The year after, I had to move back home for university. So all my stuff went back home, and my parents took me to ikea to get the room study ready.

Two years after, I went on erasmus to Finland. My parents decided to come see me off, so we drove there and I could stock up the car with the pillows lights kettle tea cups pictures plants study stuff, and I bought some more kitchen things and bathroom accessories. After one year, load up the car again with my things and the extra free stuff I got through the year from leaving erasmus students.

Then one year in Ireland. I could only bring one suitcase. Whoaaaat! I brought two back. Some travel books, a hot water bottle, woollen socks.

And then one more year of university, a few new cooking things should do the trick.

Australia of course only needed a backpack with the essentials, my stuff stocked up at the parents’ house.

Then there was my studio. Ikea again. And some secondhand furniture from the previous owner of the studio.

So now, I have an insane mismatch of stuff. INSANE! And oh my, to get it all together in boxes, deciding what to bring and what to throw away, or what to store on mom and dad’s attic. At first I thought that was the craziest part. I was wrong. The unpacking was even more mental. You simply do not need more than six coffee cups. Let alone ten different kind of trays.

And the ikea stuff. Ugh. Never again! One ikea piece is okay, but bloody hell where did the times go it was all dead simple? It took the whole family (thanks for the help, mom and dad) two days to get the bed together! We slept on a matras in the living room (no curtains no lights) the first night. Camping in our new place, it had its charm 🙂 It took us two trips to ikea as well, one with a rental van, one with the car. Knocked off a mirror of the van while we were at it. Stressy days.

But it is starting to look like a home now. We still need to put up some pictures, but we are both to scared to damage the walls. When you are used to leaving a place before the year is over, you try to not leave a mark. But I guess since we will be here for a while, we can drill some holes. We put up curtains before. In the wall. Booyah wall, take that!

Tonight we went for our first walk in the area. It was starting to get dark. There are so many houses, it’s a very built up area, but it was so peaceful! No matter what hour of the day, it’s always quiet around here. It is amazing, even weird and creepy sometimes, but I am not complaining! And then when we came home, … well, … we came home! Home! I can’t get enough of that 🙂 With all the rushing here and there and moving this and that, this short evening walk finally made me feel like I came home.

Hello home, we’re gonna have a good time.


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