My most inspiring travel photo, where to start?!

I was browsing facebook before I started work this morning, and I found a contest of a travel company, to win a 1000 euro travel voucher. The only thing you had to do, was upload your most inspiring travel photo.

Bloody hell, most inspiring travel photo? That’s probably one of the hardest competitions ever! But for a 1000 euro travel voucher, I’d gladly give it a go. So instead of going through all my photos, I thought back of the moment on my travels I was most amazed. There’s a thousand really, but for some reason, this one moment popped into my head. I was driving a 4WD from the Oodnadatta track to Coober Peddy in the centre of Australia. We were on aboriginal territory, so we weren’t allowed to get out of the car, but somehow I managed to take an amazing drive-by shot. The view was INSANE. It was just nothing. On all sides. For as far as the eye could reach. And that was god damn far! The only thing that changed the scenery, were the incredibly straight tyre tracks running through this dessert. Often, you couldn’t really make out the horizon, it was just a blur of land and sky.

The photo I managed to take, might not be the pretties photo you’ve ever seen. It has no colourful parrots, jumping dolphins, odd-shaped mountains, exotic looking trees in the most vibrant greens. It really has nothing. I guess it doesn’t make for the best entry in a photo contest, but hey, they asked for inspiring, I gave them inspiring. At least inspiring to me.

Have a look at my entry here: Best of Travel photo competition: Inspire Me!

Do you have any photos that to the general public might not look all that much, but for you represent all the beauty of life? I’d love to hear your stories!


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