My eye candy world wonder ♥

(Before I start, this will be the second soppy love post on this blog. I usually write about work and travel, but now I am inspired by love. So do skip this one if this is not your thing, and don’t worry, I have a travel post coming up soon.)

This weekend, me and the boyfriend were invited to a wedding in Bruges. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was the first wedding I had been to since I’m older than 6 I think, and I was impressed.

The couple looked so happy. More than happy really. Radiating hapiness and love. And in such a gorgeous dress, that bride! I would describe you the dress, but quite simply, I lack the words for all the different kinds of fabrics and shapes. So I’ll keep it at, she looked beautiful, classy, and perfect.

The priest said some really touching words as well. About the journey of love. For example, how it’s okay to have misunderstandings. Even, how it’s good! Because it makes you grow as people and it makes you grow as a couple. And that’s what love is all about. Making eachother grow and standing by each other no matter what. And how nowadays we can be so lucky if we find someone we feel so comfortabe with, that we want to spend all the moments, good and bad, funny and embarassing, impressive and plain boring, with just this one person. I was well impressed. The weather was beautiful again, the decorations so colourful, I just cannot describe the cheerfulness and utter contentness amazement hapiness that day in every person present.

I also have to admit, here comes the corny bit (yes, I do admit to being soppy and openly very in love), I could not keep my eyes off my boyfriend. He was looking more than handsome in his suit. Light brown shoes and belt, dark blue pants, light blue shirt, dark blue tie. And stunning dreamy blue eyes with a cheeky smile. Sighdreamdriftaway. I absolutely love going to places as a couple. I love his company. But for this wedding, dammit he wasn’t just my company, soulmate, and love. He was my armpiece. Everyone’s eye candy. Eye candy that was mine. And eye candy that was telling the perfect jokes to entertain the crowd. Haha I am so objectifying my own boyfriend, but really, I was just so proud and amazed by having him by my side. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl just with one look. And I felt more than beautiful standing beside him on that wedding. He is a world wonder. My world wonder.


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