A Little Thought Experiment: Dreaming of an Escape

Do you ever dream of something impossible? I’m not talking coming across an insane amount of money or becoming famous, I really mean impossible. Well, sometimes I wish everything around me would disappear. Or just turn into wildernis. So basically, all left standing would be my apartment and my boyfriend. But when we look out of our window, there are no more apartments, no cars, no people. Just fields and forest as far as you can look. So that we can disappear. Just us two against the world. Can you imagine the peace and quiet? Not having to go anywhere, no people you have to go and see. You could do whatever you wanted to do. Take a long walk in unexplored territory right in front of your doorstep? Go ahead. Don’t feel like sleeping in your own bed? Why not build yourself a treehouse! And if you really don’t know what else to do, just go sit under a tree and watch the animals all day long. It’s not like anyone will disturb you. Or on a rainy day, watch series and movies all day in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate. No one will call or email or swing by. It’ll be just you.

I know it might be weird and everyone probably thinks you wouldn’t want this forever and the disadvantages are massive (like the whole survival aspect of it and all), but once in a while I really dream of being all alone (with the boyfriend though, we do make a good team) in this world. The endless possibilities I’d have. No obligations towards anything or anyone. Think about it. Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

Sometimes, all I want to do is escape. For no good reason. Just for me.


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