Bye Bye Wonderful Weekend

Coming Monday, I would’ve probably written a massive post about all the fun stuff we would’ve done over the weekend. Ow boy, have I been looking forward to this weekend! Some of the boyfriend’s mates were coming to visit, spend the weekend at ours. They’re a lovely couple that like to sight see, play board games, and I bet of course they would’ve loved the Belgian beer and food we would’ve stuffed them with.

We were supposed to pick them up from the airport last night. I had arranged that I could start work slightly later today, so I could set up their first Belgian breakfast: chocolate spread, gingerbread, all sorts of yummy sweet stuff. Then I would show them how to get to the town centre and leave them to explore for a day while the boyfriend and I would be working. And tonight, we would’ve cooked for them and played some board games. Tomorrow, we would’ve taken the train to Bruges, by far the most amazing city in Belgium. It’s got history, it’s got beauty, and it’s got amazingly cute cafes and restaurants, again, with delicious food and beer. I was so happy I could go show off my cute little country again! Sunday of course we would do a big Sunday breakfast, and maybe go for a walk in one of the parks close by, or go to the Christmas Markets.

It would’ve been a weekend filled with nice food and drinks, a good dose of sight seeing, getting into the Christmas spirit, and wonderful company. Especially for the boyfriend, who has been missing his friends ever since he moved over here for me.

But yeah, none of that this weekend. Our visitors couldn’t find their passports. Bugger!


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