New Year, New Hope, New Me At Work?

I’m having a good day at work! (Then why am I blogging? Because we just had a New Year’s drink with the whole campus and I had three glasses of bubbly to get out of my system before I can focus again. And no, that is not the only reason why I’m having a good day.)

This morning we started the day with a research discussion. This means that someone in our team will talk about what they have been researching, and the others give comments and advice. Usually, I have no idea what’s going on. Not in these discussion sessions, not in our brainstorm sessions, not in our reading group. Let alone me actually asking an intelligent question or commenting on something!

But this time, even though the talk this morning was on something entirely different form what I am working on, I sort of knew what it was about. I didn’t drift off nearly as much as I used to, and I asked a question! I still didn’t know the details of what my colleague was talking about, but at least it was interesting to me. That was new!

And also, we have a new addition to the team, also a PhD student! Hurray, I’m not alone anymore! Sadly, the new addition doesn’t work on the same campus, but still. She looked as lost as I used to be, and without being an evil person, that kinda felt good. And at least now I have someone to compare myself to. I’ve already been working here for one year, so now I have to stay on top of things to make sure that she doesn’t overtake me in her research. It sounds silly, I know, but secretly I’m hoping that a little bit of friendly competition (although I’m not sure if you can call it competition if I’m the only one who knows about it) will give me that nudge that I’ve been needing.

Yesterday I worked quite well too. I finished the work I had planned three days for in one day. And now I have set myself a big deadline! At the end of February, it’ll be my turn to talk in the research discussion. I have absolutely nothing interesting to talk about yet, so at least now I have something very clear to work towards. Now, I have to come up with something!

Looks like the new year did indeed bring along some new hope. Thank goodness!




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