New Year’s Resolution Update 1 – Guitar

So far I’ve been doing quite well for my New Year’s resolution. I can’t say it’s been perfect, but then again New Year’s resolutions are mostly known for failing them, so I’m quite happy with myself. To refresh your memories: I want to spend less time watching shows and playing games on my computer, and therefore more time on other stuff that I lost touch with. So I set myself the rule to not switch on my computer for these purposeless purposes before 8.30pm. I know that’s still a lot of time left for crappy shows, but I have to start somewhere.

And this has been a decent start. Although I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve spent so much time on wondering what to do with my time. I’m just sort of walking about, very close to giving in. I have given in a few times, but at least as often I actually came up with something to do. Like Sunday for example, I decided to go walk in my new runners and discover a few more of fun paths around our home. I did. And I discovered there was a lot of mud. So consider my shoes mudded in.

Today, I played guitar! I always forget about my guitar, even though it’s standing right in our living room. I have this Spotify playlist I keep adding songs to that have nice guitar parts, hoping to one day play them. I am so out of practice, so even when I google the chords or tabs or try to jot down some notes, it all feels very foreign. But hopefully I can start playing regularly again and I’ll be back to normal in no time?

Anyways, I just wanted to share one of the songs with you. It’s got such a nice swing to it. And then I literally mean swing, the swinging my hand does when the strumming comes on. I have never been a very good guitar player, no impressive soloing and camp fire moments for me. But I do like a good jam. For me, that means easy chords, a bit of picking and a bit of strumming. And i even like it quite repetitive so I can lose yourself in the swing. Here it is, enjoy!

Break Free, dream version – Sweetfire


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