A Not Very Healthy But Definitely Exciting Cooking Spree

We have a frier! We got one from my parents for our Christmas. Do you think this is an odd gift? Or an odd thing to want at all? Well, then you’re clearly not Belgian. When you think about Belgium, you probably think about our beer, waffles and chocolate. However, when you ask a Belgian living abroad what they miss the most from home, they will say Chips even before they say Family. Yes, our chips are amazing. And non-Belgian chips, well, they are soggy and greasy and just not what they could be.

So how do we do our chip magic? First of all, when you’ve cut your potatoes you need to rinse them off thoroughly, to get the starch off. Next, of course, let them drip out. Then, put your chips in the frier for about 1 minute, and take them back out. Let them lie on some paper towel to soak up some of the grease. Then, stick ‘m back in and deep-fry until they are wonderfully golden and crispy. And that is why our chips are better: they are crispy all the way through, rather than a very greasy version of roasted potatoes.

Serve of course with some salt and your own favourite sauce. The typical one would be mayonnaise, which is also a lot tastier in Belgium than abroad. You can easily make it yourself, all you need is oil, vinegar, an egg, and some pepper, salt and mustard. But you could also go for andalouse sauce, a mayo based sauce with sweet peppers, or mamout sauce, also mayo based, but with hot peppers. Or curry ketchup or yoppi sauce or one of the many others.

Of course, like in many other countries, chips are a typical side to some of our more traditional dishes. Steak and chips (with salad, don’t worry), chicken with applesauce and chips, Belgian beer beef stew with chips,… And now, having a frier, we can finally make all these 😀 I am so excited for the weekend! I am going to fry the hell out of our potatoes!


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