My First Horror Experience: The Boy

It’s done and over with. I saw my first horror movie in the cinema. And … I survived! Didn’t even have nightmares! Although I am a little bit more jumpy in the dark, you know, those two seconds you are in the hallway looking for the light switch. I can handle that though.

As I’ve told you before, I owed the boyfriend a fright night in the cinema. Thank goodness the cinema didn’t go overboard on the decorating, just the one creepy ghost statue freaked me out more than enough. Before the movie, rather than watching your usual adds, there was a shortfilm, slasher-type horror. NOT my kind of thing it turns out. I ‘watched’ the whole movie with my eyes closed. But then it was time for the real deal: The Boy.

The boyfriend described it as a bit slow, and not really horror. I agree, and that is why I actually, at least now that it’s done and over with, kind of liked it. The story has a massive twist (I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well worked-out twist in a movie!) and then it turns out ***SPOILER ALERT*** that it’s actually not horror at all, but just a really decent psycho thriller!

So let me tell you about the story. (yYs, again, spoiler alert. You might not want to read this post if you’re still planning on watching the movie.) An English elderly couple living in the middle of nowhere (duh) hire an American nanny to mind their son while they are away on holiday. The American nanny is running away from troubles at the home front (having an abusive boyfriend who made her lose their baby) and this mansion on the English countryside might just do the trick. When she gets introduced to the boy, she starts laughing however. ‘Is this a joke?’ The boy is actually just a porcelain doll. The family leaves her a list of rules such as ‘don’t leave him alone, play music loudly,…’ and arrange for the local grocery store man to drop off groceries every week, and they are on their way.

(The back story of the family, as told to the nanny by the grocery store man, is that back in the day they actually did have a little boy. But he was considered to be a bit ‘odd’. On the day before his 8th birthday, he was playing in the woods with a local girl, and she was found dead with her head smashed in. As the police came to the house to question the boy, the house was on fire and the boy perished in the flames. Ever since, his parents have given their love to the doll.)

And of course, as you can all guess, that is when the weird stuff starts happening. Sounds in the house, things that move when the nanny isn’t looking, she even gets locked up in the attic for a night while her clothes go missing. She and the grocery store man, realise that the boy must be a ghost. And so they start taking good care of him, aka the doll.

Until… the ex-boyfriend from America shows up! Drama here and there, and eventually the doll gets smashed up. And that’s when it all goes tits up.

The walls start shaking, the house is rumbling, and through the mirror bursts something, throwing the ex-boyfriend (who smashed up the doll) across the room. And then, something moves in the whole in the wall. We see a hand. I hide my face thinking this is the end of the movie for me as it will be some sort of creature, and I’m not fond of creatures. Until the boyfriend says… ‘it’s a man’. ‘It’s a man?’ Yes, it was a man. The boy was indeed alive! He never died in the first place! His parents had been hiding him in the walls and using the doll as an excuse, but really, they knew what he did and couldn’t own up to it. So they hid him from the world. And when they couldn’t handle it any longer, they arranged a nanny to take over, a nanny for him to ‘have’, as they walked into the sea and never came back.

Of course the next half hour of the movie is some good chasing and fighting, we all know how it goes, and the movie turned out to be very thrilling and entertaining. Seriously, the weight that was lifted off my shoulders when I realised it had nothing to do with ghosts or creatures, but merely some guy gone psycho! Ah, relief!

Now the question is: will I try again in one month’s time? The next movie is called The Forest, about some girl looking for her sister in a Japanese suicide forest. Ghosts guaranteed, I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to have another genius twist in the story. I guess it’ll all depend on the boyfriend’s convincing skills.


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