Our Pet Spider Called Pedro

Today, I would like to tell you about our pet: a spider called Pedro. No, he is not one of those exotic big hairy fellows in a fishbowl, he is merely a tiny little spider that one day turned up in our bedroom. This must have been around the time of my birthday, a little bit more than three months ago. The boyfriend had just contacted the landlords to ask if we really really really aren’t allowed to take a cat? We aren’t 😦 So I guess we decided Pedro could stay, to make up for the loss of our cat that will not be. (It was gonna be a tabby cat and we were gonna name him Bruce.)

Now, I can see you wonder what sort of weird people we are, keeping spiders in the house. Don’t worry, we do clean, and Pedro is the only spider we keep. The other ones that turn up are a lot less lucky. They go to “a farm on the countryside because there is more space to play,” if you know what I mean. But not Pedro, he has got enough space to play.

He usually hangs out in the top right corner of the bedroom. Sometimes he makes his way across the ceiling to the left side. Sometimes we’re worried he’s left us, but then we just find him walking about. He always ends up back in his favourite spot, the top right.

One thing I particularly like about Pedro, is that he eats the flies. You know, those tiny little ones that always fly right in front of your eyes? Yeah, we have none of those in the bedroom! Now, when it comes to summer, Pedro is really gonna have to prove he can pull his weight in the house. When the mosquitos come. He’s a tiny little fellah really, so I’m not sure if he’ll be able to handle the mozzies. But even if he doesn’t, I think we’ll let him stay. He’s part of the family now.

(By the way, does anyone know the lifespan of tiny little spiders?)


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