Movie Review: Deadpool

Me and the boyfriend love going to the cinema. When we were still travelling around Australia, we would go to the movies in every big town we passed through. When we were doing long distance, going to the movies was one of our typical things to do in the short weekends we did spend together. And now that we live together, of course, the cinema is the perfect place to be for Date Night.

Now, you might think this isn’t very original, but we don’t really care. We like the big screen, the loud effects, and of course the unhealthy snacks. Nachos with hot cheese for me, popcorn for the boyfriend. And sometimes some jellybeans or Ben and Jerry’s. The cinema isn’t too far from home either, so usually we walk there and back. After the movie, we have a 20 minute walk back to discuss our favourite parts. And Saturday night, we had a lot to discuss!

We went to see Deadpool. Hi-La-Ri-Ous!

I do like my occasional superhero movie, but I’m not into them enough to really know what’s going on in the Avengers series and the likes. For me, my superhero knowledge is limited to Spiderman, X-men, and the jokes from The Big Bang Theory. The boyfriend then is very much a Superman kinda guy. So watching a superhero movie nowadays is always a bit of a risk: if they put in too many references: we are lost. And I guess Deadpool is definitely a movie with a lot of references, but on such a different level. And even then, I might have missed half of the jokes, the half I did get was more than worth it anyways.

The movie plays with every single rule still standing in the screen business. It makes references both to the characters in other movies, as to the actual actors and production houses making them. And the general style behind these references: “let’s take the micky our of someone”. Now, who doesn’t like to have good laugh based on the shortcomings of something else? 😉

I don’t want to give any spoilers because it really is a fun movie to watch. It might not be genius or whatever, but it sure gave me a good laugh and I haven’t been so entertained in the cinema in a while. And all of this thanks to the jokes about the actors, characters and movies we all know and love.



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