New Year’s Resolution – Update 2

The New Year’s resolution has not been having the results expected, as expected really. It went quite well for a while, but of course I’ve already gone back to my old ways. Although I still am hopeful. I’ve been having quite a lot of fun in between the bad old ways!

I’m still spending too much time on my computer. And not only does it get me all frustrated and angry by the end of the day, I am also awful company. Basically, I’m just not any company at all. I completely disappear into my show or my game and am not available for conversation. The good thing is: I am becoming more and more aware of this. So I try to pick my moments better. Like when I’m home alone :p

Like I said in my previous post as well, I also started going back to the gym. So that’s a bit less screen time right there. And have I told you about my cooking sprees lately?

I spent almost all of last Saturday in the kitchen! First I made an insane amount of cheese croquettes. Both in appetiser as side size. The whole freezer is full of them now. Yum! I also bought a new recipe book, with English-Indian recipes. I love all sorts of Asian food but sometimes it’s so hard to find all the right ingredients. This one is quite allright though. The first recipe I tried just had a lot of different herbs and spices I don’t use often, but are easy to find in any supermarket. It was a dish with a thick spicy tomato sauce with spinach and eggs, served with garlic rolls, yoghurt and fresh coriander leaves. It really is more exciting than it sounds. It’s even one of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever had. And it was dead easy to make!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 13.54.09

I’ve also been doing some gardening. Winter is taking for ever to leave but I am so ready to start my little vegetable garden. We put a fence up around half of the garden, and for the other half we’re gonna plant a hedge when the temperatures don’t go below zero anymore at night. The christmas tree we planted outside to reuse next year doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it, so I might plant a berry bush there instead. (Fresh berry crumble all summer, hell yeah!) It’s quite hard work getting our garden spring ready, if you would see the tools I have. One tiny little spade, one tiny little rake, and one pair of tiny garden scissors. It might not be the worst idea to invest in some bigger equipment, but I’ve been putting it off because it seems quite tricky to buy and bring back on a bicycle. We’ll see how it goes.

Sunday, I had a crafts afternoon with a friend. We got out our old childhood paper-maché skills to graft a tree on a frame. Next time we meet we’ll paint it. I’m thinking gold and dark green, going Celtic style?

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 13.53.46

So for the next month, I’m gonna try to keep up the cooking, the crafts, the gardening and the gym and as usually, cut down more on the screen time. And when spring is well and truly there, I’m sure I’ll also spend a lot of time reading outside in our little garden. Oh yeah, did I tell you we’re looking into getting a hammock?!




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