Dream time

The other day I was browsing through my old blog, out of pure nostalgia. I am currently reading “Tracks” by Robyn Davidson, a book about an Australian lady crossing the Australian desert from Alice Springs all the way to the west with three camels. I’d already seen the film, at the time I was even in Alice Springs. So naturally, reading the book brought back some memories and feelings. And these memories and feelings are written down in one of my old posts on my Australia blog. Have a read, enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Jolijn's Australia

(Aan de familie, bericht van mama en papa: tis een lange post, pakt junder een goeie trapist derbie en leest up junder gemak.)
(Since I have plenty to tell this post may be a bit long, so feel free to browse through and read about the places you find most interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ )


I cannot begin to describe the amazement I have felt on the last part of our trip. (Hmmm I think this is not the first post Iโ€™ve started with that sentence). The most beautiful views, jaw-dropping star filled skies, a landscape as vast and empty making you feel like youโ€™re on a deserted planet, a heritage and history so massively different from anything we know, and many more things to make the red centre a truly fascinating place.

Letโ€™s start where I left off last time: Adelaide, the big city. Bye bye people, bye bye traficโ€ฆ

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