Holiday At Home – Day 1

So yesterday I told you about how spring has arrived, and all the fun stuff it makes me want to do. This week the campus is closed, so  literally can’t go to work. I could work from home, but I won’t. I think I’ll work a thousand times more efficient next week if I now take a proper break. And do all the stuff I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Starting today.

This morning I joined the boyfriend on his cycle to work and went to the gym. It actually went quite well! Ever since I had my break from the gym, I’ve been having a really hard time with cardio. My trainer told me that if I want to lose some weight (no, I am not on a diet but I would definitely not mind losing a few kilos), I should train between 60 and 70 percent of my maximal heart rate. Now, that is a lot lower than I have been training. And it’s been a real challenge to stay in that zone while on the cross-trainer (or elliptical, whatever you call it). I go a lot slower than I used to (I am now below 60 rotations per minutes, I used to be above 70), and I had to set the resistance level to zero. Oops. But this morning, I managed to have 65 rotations per minute and have the ideal heart rate for 45 minutes! Win!

After the gym I cycled to my brother’s to pick up the car that we share. I was going to drive to a garden centre a little bit out of town to buy some plants for a hedge (I think it’s called privet but I’m not sure, translation problem here). But the satnav let me down. 50 kms and an hour and a half later, I was back home and didn’t find any of the two garden centres I looked for. To say I was annoyed and angry would be an understatement. But nothing a cheese toastie and a cuppa can’t fix.

So after lunch, I called every garden centre I knew around town, and finally found one that not only I could find without the satnav, but they also sold the plant I was looking for. I’ve ordered it for Thursday.

I had two options then really. Stay home and sulk, or make use of the car before I had to bring it back. I picked the latter, so proud of myself! (My New Year’s resolution seems to working quite well nowadays, for those who were wondering.) So I did some shopping and went to a smaller garden centre to buy some fun stuff: a few rose plants, small lavender bushes, and two small red current bushes! After dropping the car back off at my brother’s, time to plant some stuff!

Our garden is tiny, but I really want to make it feel like our little oasis of peace. It’s surrounded by other apartments so it’s not exactly the kind of peace I was looking for, but the way it is now it already makes a world of difference in our busy lives. Below our bedroom window, I now have a row of roses. Next to it, some lavender that will hopefully keep the mosquitos out of the bedroom in summer. At the back of the garden there used to be overgrowth of a bush from the neighbours, but I completely cut it down and dug it out. That’s where I put the berries. Can’t wait for them to grow and make a weekly red current crumble! On the side of the garden I cleared up a space to plant some veggies. I’ll do that tomorrow. And the other side, that’s where we’ll put the hedge. It might not really make a lot of sense, but when it’s finished I’ll post a photo so you can see the result.

I finished the day off by cooking a massive serve of chilli, of which we ate way too much, and now we are happily relaxing on the couch. Relaxing turns out to be a lot more fun when you actually have something to relax from. This day had everything to become a massive disaster, but what a lovely day it was in the end!


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