Holiday at Home – Day 3

Damnit I can’t believe it’s already Thursday evening! I could’ve started with the holiday experiments last Friday evening, no idea why I didn’t. Instead I only started Tuesday. But I’m loving it.

I’m still keeping at the gym challenge. Went again this morning, didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I’d been making massive progress but today I didn’t really seem to be doing any better at all. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. I’ve got some running planned.

I finally managed to plant the hedge by the way! I’ve been wanting to do this ever since we moved in last July. And now it’s done! It was a bit of a rushed job as the sky looked like it was gonna unleash its full-blown April wrath on us, and I didn’t want my new plants to blow or rain away. But by the time I was finished, the sun even came out! So I also planted some more veggies: spinach and leek, so exciting! The hedge doesn’t look like much yet, just some branches here and there. But they have loads of buds so it looks promising. I’m really curious to see it grow and hope it’ll soon be all bushy and green 🙂

Now today I also had some cleaning planned. Blah, boring, but always so nice to have it done. The bathroom looks as new. I took everything out, ev-er-y-thing, and cleaned from the ceiling to the walls to the floors, and scrubbed down the shower. And it smells so nice!

No special cooking done today, I just made some appetisers to eat in our backroom in the sun with a nice glass of white wine (olives, salami, and crackers with paté), and for food I threw together some grilled naan bread with goat cheese, bacon and green beans. So easy and fast to make, and so amazingly tasty.

So now, as always: couch time! Tomorrow, there will be  gym, more cleaning (the kitchen and oven, ow dear) and that’s it. I might head in to town to run some errands, or I might not… We’ll see. And in the evening: Irish Pub with friends. Bring it on!


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