Saturday Shopping, Burgers and Cinema

Yesterday the boyfriend and I went on a date-day. As in, an extended date night. Date night usually includes burgers at one of our favourite gourmet burger restaurants, cinema (more about that below), and a game of pool in between if we have time. Today, we took off in the early afternoon on a shoe shop mission, so sweet of the boyfriend he offered to come with! Because let me tell you, buying shoes for me is a disaster!

Since last winter, I have to wear these custom made insoles for my crooked feet, and if I don’t I get ridiculous feet and back pains. In winter it’s been okay, I hide the ugly shoes for my insoles under my pants, but now that summer is coming, I want to get back into my dresses and I need the shoes to finish the outfit! But from this year onward, no more cute little sandals, tiny little shoes, pumps in all colours. Nope, I need to find a pair of summer shoes for insoles. And as every shop I went to confirmed: shoes for insoles are ugly and generally made for 80-year-old ladies. Mission unsuccessful, so time to move on the the burgers it was. It hit the spot.

The movie we went to watch was The Jungle Book. As we went into the screen, I was getting a bit worried because they’re were so many children. Ow dear, the boyfriend was gonna hate this. When I saw the trailer, it looked like a really grim and scary. As trailers go, the movie couldn’t be any more different. It was lovely! Even the boyfriend thought so.


The imagery was amazing. For a change, we decided to watch in 3D, which was really cool for the first 10 minutes until our eyes got used to it. But still, the animation in this movie was through the roof. I’d love to see a making off. The animals looked so real, but their eyes and mouth were so human! And of course the scenery was spectacular.

The story leaned quite closely to the old Disney movie, at least for as much as I can remember. Some characters were a lot less prominent, like the elephants and Kaa. And I also think the ending was slightly different. But I loved the hints to the old movie through the old songs. Little bit of Baloo, little bit of Kind Louie,… It was hardly the full song, but it hinted back at that childhood nostalgia I love so much.

The movie had good suspense in parts, fun humour, and was more than pleasing to the eye. It wasn’t all nostalgia, neither was it all new. But remake or not, it was a really fun and good movie to watch and the ending to a lovely date-day!


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