My Favourite Kind of Multitasking

To me, the fact that women can multitask has always been a joke. Sometimes, I like to watch some series while I’m cooking. I can only do this for recipes I can cook with my eyes closed and still it takes me twice as long. Or when I’m browsing and someone talks to me. Sorry, I’m not hearing you. Or even skipping through a magazine with some music on. I can’t do it.

Now, there is one particular kind of multitasking, however, that I excel at. The kind of multitasking where you do that one task, but you do it outside. I call it sun-enjoyment-work. Before I was writing this post, I was sat outside in the sun working like a boss. It’s been really busy for me at work, and I haven’t really had much time for my mind to wonder off during the day the last few weeks. And usually that drives me crazy. But today it is the best.

I can just keep working and working and don’t feel this need to do something else, because at the same time, I am refuelling my batteries and soaking up the vitamin D. Some people might go crazy working when the weather is nice, but since I can work from home, summer is the most productive time of year. The only breaks I take are to fill up my water bottle and reapply my sunscreen.

That being said, time to get back to it!


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