Autumn Time – Tea Time

Tea season has started. Although to be honest, I drink tea all year round. But now I don’t just drink tea because it is yummy, also because it is cosy.

I love autumn and winter. Occasionally. My love for the cold has decreased since coming back from Australia, I have to admit, but these colder seasons still have their perks. Colourful hats and scarves, and that wonderful feeling of feeling all warm and fuzzy except for your face, which feels fresh and awake. I also like the dark evenings. Not all year around, but once in a while they can be super cosy. Switch on some cosy lights, listen to some mellow jazz, hide under a colourful blanket, and drink a cup of tea.

It’s really herbal infusions I drink, rarely ever real tea. With the amount of hot beverages I like to drink, it is not a bad idea to stick to the non-caffeine ones.

So, I’ve noticed how it’s really hot nowadays to blog by making lists. Therefore, I would like to present to you: my first list, a list of my (currently) seven favourite teas, in chronological order. (Chronological as in: from the one I start with in the morning to the one I end with in the evening.)

  • Alps Breeze: An invigorating infusion with mint and eucalyptus. I have one every morning first thing when I get to work. It wakes up your senses and clears up any sleepiness or blocked noses you would have had over night. Also, it smells like the Australian forests around the Snowy Mountains and makes me happily nostalgic.
  • Lemon and Ginger: Once awake, lemon and ginger is the perfect combination to keep you that way. Its taste is once again fresh, but also quite sharp. You can try making your own: squeeze a lemon and scrape of the zest. Add hot water to the juice and put the zest in an infuser together with a whole load of grated ginger. (Since ginger is good for digestion and helps against nausea, it is perfect after a way too big meal.) When I have finished the tea, I like to eat the ginger as well, but most people find the taste to strong.
  • Forest Fruit Tea: Now, this one does have caffeine. It is a black tea with some forest fruit added. The scent alone will get you all cosy, and the caffeine will wake you back up after lunch. The only problem: the scent is so strong you might not want to have this when you share an office. Your colleagues will smell your tea so strongly they might try to steal it from you.
  • Camomile: Camomile is good for basically anything. I like to have it as my last cup of the working day. It calms you down, and is also supposed to be good for the digestive system. Its flavour is subtle, and a warm welcome after all the strong flavours from before.
  • Sage and Honey: This is one to make yourself again. Get a bunch of sage, add some honey, and you have the perfect medicine for an autumn sore throat. Its taste can be quite sharp, but the honey makes it soothing. You can also try pineapple sage. The sage itself doesn’t taste like pineapple, but it sure does smell like it. And sage grows all year around so if you have a little plant in the garden, you will never fall short.
  • Apple and Cinnamon: It’s like having a dessert, perfect straight after dinner to stop you from craving any sweets. It’s basically like you are drinking apple pie. At least if you find a good one, not all brands are as good. But if you look long enough everyone can find his perfect combination of sweet and spice. Christmas Teas can also have the same effect, although they tend to be slightly more spicy, often adding orange and cloves.
  • Cranberry and blood orange: Or any other red fruit with blood orange. Like any other citrus fruit, it’ll burst with Vitamin C and boost your immune system. But unlike any other citrus fruit, it doesn’t have any of the bitterness and is wonderfully sweet instead, especially when combined with the sweater forrest fruits. Perfect cuppa to accompany your mellow jazz right before you go to sleep.

What are your favourite teas or infusions? Do you have one for every mood and time of day as well?