The Job Hunt – Filling the Gaps on my CV

Since I started looking for a new job (and a whole new career for that matter), I noticed there are a few gaps on my CV. More specifically, a lot of the job postings I find interesting, ask for skills or experience that I don’t have. They want applicants to have experience with specific computer programs, have a degree in marketing or good knowledge of French. None of which I have. But, I don’t think that is unovercomable. Many skills are easily learned on the job, or you could take a few courses after work to make sure you’re up to speed. But of course, you first have to make sure you actually get that job. In this blogpost, I will tell you what I am doing right now to make sure that these gaps on my CV don’t get in the way of me exploring all options.

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City-Hiking in Brussels

Yesterday, my work team had its annual team event. In the past, we’ve had barbecues, we’ve gone bowling, to an escape room, etc. This year, we decided to go for a hike! And that’s how I ended up being insanely surprised by all the green Brussels has to offer.

The hike we did was a part of De groene wandeling (“The green hike”). It’s a 60km track circling Brussels passing through the many parks and forests that are located on the outskirts of the city. We hiked a 10km chunk of the track and oh my, it was beautiful!

De groene wandeling
The whole track is signposted with this logo

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A Celebratory Weekend Away: Camping, Hiking and a 5-Star Luxury Hotel Suite!

Weekends are the best! Especially when you have something to celebrate! And boy, did we celebrate 😀 We celebrated getting married almost 4 months ago (sounds random, but the husband’s boss gave us a voucher for a fancy hotel as a wedding gift, so even though we might not have planned to celebrate 3 months and 26 days of marriage, we did 😉 ). We celebrated me finishing my PhD thesis (because I am by now so truly relieved and happy it’s over that I’ll be celebrating this for a good few months). And we celebrated England (the husband’s homeland) and Belgium (mine) rocking the World Cup! And this is how we did so:

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Almost-Wild-Camping in Belgium

One of the things I always enjoyed the most of my time adventuring, is the feeling that you are alone in the world. And because of that, I think hiking and camping are my favourite things to do when I’m away from home. That feeling you get mid-hike: the beautiful scenes you’ve already walked through and whatever beautiful scenes are still ahead of you… and you’re smack bam in the middle of it! Or when camping, waking up to the break of dawn to open the tent and be amazed at what the world looks like when it’s waking up. Of course I don’t mean watching your fellow campers make the trek to the washrooms with their flip flops and toiletry bags. I mean the hazy damp over the fields, the morning light, the birds. I’m talking: wild camping!

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On “what if”s, forks in the road and also: how do waves work?

I started this blog about four years ago to deal with my post-travel blues. I always expected to kick out the travel blues by now, and get my backpack from under the dust again. But four years after putting the backpack in storage and the post-travel blues moving in, going on the road again is not what’s next for us.

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Cure against boredom: Blog!

‘sssssup everyone! Today, I am bored. So today, I will blog.

Quick update: I am now on summerschool. That means: I’m away from home at an abroad university to take postgraduate classes for about one week, learn tons and work on my research. It’s been super interesting so far, but oddly, now that I finally get to adventure again, I can’t really remember how to!

So, I used to do a lot of things on my own. You know, travel on your own and just go do stuff because if you have to wait until you find people to do it with, it’ll probably just not happen. And I’m actually quite happy doing stuff on my own. Sometimes it annoys me to have people around. Like before, I just wanted an easy lunch. None of the polite conversations with people you don’t really know of what would you like to eat and do you know where we could go and then try to keep a conversation going while stuffing your face politely with food. I gladly had lunch on my own 🙂

But now it’s evening and I don’t really feel like studying and I’m like super duper bored. Too lazy to go for a run, so that’s out. Don’t really know anyone to hang out with. Don’t really fancy getting to know someone and having that same conversation for the millionth time: Where are you from, what do you do,… I’m also not really in town so I can’t really just go for a wander… So I blog!

Just for fun, here’s five stories of what I’ve been upto, in random order of what jumps into my mind.

  1. We went to the zoo! Had some of the boyfriend’s friends over from England, and wanted to spoil them with fun Belgian trips. Best zoo around: Pairi Daiza. We played with the monkeys and the lemurs, the boyfriend stroked a giraf, we watched someone ride an elephant, and we watched a ginormous white tiger struggle with the concept of glass as it was trying to eat the little toddlers behind it. My oh my entertaining to say the least! I’ve been to the zoo twice now, and I’d say space wise it’s not that big, but I still haven’t seen even half of it because there’s simply so much going on!
  2. I’ve also been watching some fun vloggers on Youtube. The boyfriend started vlogging as well, and I’d love to show you his video, buuuuut for some odd reason I also sorta want to keep my blog anonymous so can’t really do that. But it’s really cool though, he’s got this new camera and he’s getting really good at all the fancy stuff. I really like seeing what stuff he comes up with and it always makes me laugh. He also introduced me to these super famous vloggers that do some really cool stuff. There is of course Youtube hit Casey Neistat, who can be super fun to watch because so much fun stuff goes on in his life! He’s a moviemaker / businessman / I’mnotreallysureexactly living in New York and he really has some good things going for him! His videos can be super inspiring. But I also really like his mate Shonduras, who leads a bit more of a normal life (or at least that’s the part we get to see in the vlogs) with a lovely family and especially a lot of family fun. Always cheers me right up 🙂 They’re just so upbeat!
  3. We bought a new sofa! Well, actually, we bought it a while ago but it finally arrived. We got it in a spur of the moment so we were super happy to see how perfectly it fitted into our living room. It’s super comfy and super big and it makes the room look a lot lighter than our previous couch.
  4. I replanted the garden. The weather has been a disaster and nothing was growing so I decided to start over. So far, the neighbour cat (who we call Anne-Marie, for future reference) has only destroyed the baby leek plants. Fingers crossed for the horseradishes and spinach!
  5. I completely missed father’s day this year. My dad was abroad for father’s day so I couldn’t really do anything with him, and now we still haven’t celebrated him being the bestest dad! So this weekend he requested a brunch forest picnic. And so it shall be done.

I hope you are all having a nice summer with fun stories to tell. What’s your favourite summer story so far?