The Perfect Break From Work: Digital Drawing

Working from home is the best! I have so much more energy, I spend less hours working but get so much more done. And in between work, I have time for fun stuff and I actually manage to enjoy myself! As I told you in my previous posts, this is all quite new to me. I’ve never been very good at working from home. I guess it also helps I have a few more immediate deadlines and some new goals that aren’t too far away.

But anyways, I just wanted to share with you something I managed to do in my spare time. You see, I used to love drawing and painting. Not just with pencil drawing up shapes, for me it’s the colours that do it. But I’m not particularly talented and mostly quite inspirationless. So I don’t want to spend all my expensive paint on just a weird idea. I have this old tablet that used to be my best friend while travelling and now sort of moved to the bottom of the cupboard, but it has this awesome Note application. With the little pen that came with it, you can pick different drawing styles (I always go for pencil because you can blend in the colours quite well, just like with the painting style I like using) and a huge variety of colours. And for someone as untalented ad me, the Eraser and Undo functions come in massively handy.

Since it is winter time, I got my inspiration of a Christmas card. Here’s the result! I’m quite proud of it really, I might just try it out with my paints!

But first I’ll do a little bit more work. I’m on fire today!

Landscape note_20151128_134257


An Inspiring Christmas Story!

I just watched the sweetest movie. It’s called It’s a Wonderful Life, a black and white movie from 1946. I love that kind of old stuff this time of year. It’s very Christmassy. With that I mean it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. The acting is hilarious, the characters so naive, and the stories so cliche, but the message is so beautiful and somehow in between all the cliches and laughter, it felt very sincere.

The movie was about a guy that dreamt big, but due to circumstances he never really got a chance to make his dreams come true. Instead, he managed to make so many other people’s dreams come true, without even realising it. So when he’s starting to lose his way, an angel comes down from heaven (oh yeah, these movies can be very soppy too) and shows him what the town would’ve been like if he would’ve never been born. Which is of course awful. Of course afterwards, things go back to normal but he’s still left with the same problem: money went missing at his company and he’s about to be arrested. But his wife has told all the people he helped in the past, and they all turned up (on Christmas Eve, of course) to drop him some cash. Merry Christmas!

Oh my goodness you should watch it, it was beautiful. I felt so warm inside! People helping each other like that! People just trying to make each other happy because that’s just what they do. Got me a little teary eyed even!

And that made me think about what I posted before. How so many bad things are happening but somehow I want to help. So I started googling a little bit and I’m gonna ask around. I really want to do some charity work around this time of year. For me, the Christmas period is that time of year that is all about warmth. Fuzzy blankets and slippers, cosy little lights all around town, but mostly the wonderful company and love of family and friends. But not everyone is that lucky. And I feel like I could maybe help.

I’ll keep you posted on my charity plans. I put it down on the web so now there’s no going back. If you have tips for me about charity work, or like to share your charity experiences, I’d love to hear!