Bolzano day 3 – Un Cafè Delicioso

So today was a little more work and a little less touristing, but still it’s been a good day so far. I got some nice work done, and also managed to relax with some decent company and of course excellent coffee. The espresso here, my oh my it is amazing.

Back home, there appears to be this new trend where asking an espresso equals asking the strongest coffee ever. But espresso doesn’t get better by making it stronger. It becomes pretty hard to drink even, the flavour is way too strong and after one sip, you are left with an incredibly bitter aftertaste that doesn’t go away for at least an hour. But of course, here they master the art of coffeebrewing perfectly. Not that I expected any differently.

The espressos are balancing perfectly on the line between a beautiful and proper coffee flavour and a decent caffeine kick-in-the-butt. It does take some getting used to how absolutely tiny they are. Imagine the tiniest coffee cup. And then don’t fill it even half way. That is what one calls a “shot” of espresso. (Which by the way is just called a coffee here, un caffè. No idea where that very Italian looking word espresso comes from!)

For tonight, I might go out to grab some tasty dinner and afterwards some of my colleagues here might just go down to the Irish pub for some pub quizzing. As you do when your in Italy… ?


Wacky Coffee and a Healthy Lifestyle

I just read the weirdest article about coffee. I was browsing facebook and stumbled across the title: Do you drink coffee & feel tired? You may be doing it wrong. So of course, having a 9 to 5 desk job and therefore drinking a fair bit of coffee, I was intrigued. I am drinking it WRONG?!

I don’t really know who wrote this article, maybe I picked it up from one of those parody news sites, because the more you read the less sense it makes. In the end, it is basically telling you how to blend your own coffee, by adding some sort of butter from grass-eating cows and coconut oil. Whoaaaat?

I do really like articles like this, telling you about healthier alternatives for your apparently unhealthy everyday habits. Not so long ago, I read a blog post about face masks. I have really bad allergies when it comes to beauty products, but this blog post used only natural ingredients. I’m still dying to try some of them out, when I find the time, because I think they might just clear up and hydrate my skin without causing the usual eczema! But anyways, I got sidetracked. The tricky things about these articles and posts is always that I never know how true they are.

Apparently palm oil is bad for you.

Coconut oil is good for you.

You shouldn’t have too much butter.

Sometimes palm oil and coconut oil are listed as ingredients on the wrapping of what I believed to be butter.

And you can bake cakes and biscuits more healthily by replacing the butter with avocado.

But turns out butter is actually good for you, at least when it is in your … coffee?!?!

I’d like to hear from my fellow bloggers, what tips and tricks do you stick with for the healthier lifestyle, and why? But also: do you adhere to scientific research or just whatever sounds nice? And: How do you like your coffee? Mine is black. Black and strong. Preferably filter coffee. Although I do like an espresso after dinner.