Hector and the happiness of pursuit

I watched the most adorable movie yesterday!

Hector and the Search for Happiness

I couldn’t tell you if it is a good artsy movie with a deep theme and shizzle, I don’t know much about the art of movies. All I want to do when I watch a movie, is be entertained.

This movie was actually a bit out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone being the usual guilty pleasure kinda movies, stuff that only teenagers should watch, the occasional animated movie, some good old action or a cheesy home-alone style family movie. This one actually had a story to it, didn’t go flashing images and insane car chases fast. It was simply about a guy trying to discover what happiness means. Sounds a bit corny, but it was adorable. There was a good amount of deep philosophical one-liners, but mostly with a funny note to them, so no eye-rolling or gagging necessary.

There were a few really funny bits, I won’t tell you them because you just have to see it yourself. The events themselves weren’t always funny, just the way they were portrayed and staged. It made the movie feel so light and cheerful, even though it wasn’t always.

I’d definitely recommend the movie to anyone who needs a little hope in life, I think if there is anything I can say about this movie, it’s that it’s hopeful. Anything is possible, everyone deserves to be happy, and anyone can make their own happiness. Amen.