A Girly Afternoon – High Tea at Nosh in Leuven

Last weekend it was time to try one of those places in town you keep walking by thinking it’s a good idea, but you never manage to make the plans to do so. I went to the café called Nosh to try their High Tea!

I really liked the idea. Nosh is generally one of the only places you can find open in Leuven between lunch and dinner time for something other than pancakes (which I do love, but I was wanting something more special). We had to make a reservation before, which made total sense if you saw all the stuff they gave us.

We were sat at a table a lot bigger than necessary for our company, but it turned out to be a good plan when all the food started showing up. First we were brought, one by one, a glass of cava to start with, then a pepper and cream soup, a piece of quiche and some finger sandwiches. And then it was time for the sweets tray! A feast on the eye just as much as on the tummy! Not to forget the all-you-can-drink offer on the tea.

The tea menu really took my fancy, and apparently they are extending it soon to 20 different kinds of teas, so I’ll definitely be back. I first had a green tea mix with some extra herbs, then I had a herbal tea with mint and elderberries. My friend, more into the sweet kind of teas, started with a strawberry and lime infusion, which was surprisingly fresh while at the same time still sweet, and finished with a rooibos and caramel tea. I do like rooibos, but the caramel was definitely to sweet for me. I can imagine that for proper tea specialists (if such a thing exists) it might be a bit weird that we were switching teas between our snacking, but it was just so much fun to try out all the different flavours.

The whole experience was perfect for a girlfriend afternoon, it wasn’t too loud so we could have a proper chat, we were surrounded by nice little bits and bobs totally finishing off the cosy decor, and between every story we told we could fill our bellies with cute little yummy thingies. The sweet tray held little marzipan cakes, gingerbread, scones, tiny biscuit cakes, vanilla rice, a sort of raspberry bavarois cake, and lots more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 19.33.19

The only downside of the place is the price. I would never go in there for a normal coffee or tea stop. The teas go for 3 euros, bagels are easily 7 euros, and the English breakfast goes for 16 euros! I guess the location plays a part in the pricing, as it’s located right in the centre, very close to the two main squares in town. But for me as a local, I can think of other places in town where all of this is a lot cheaper. However, for the High Tea it is different. It is 25 euro a person, and even though it is a bit much for an afternoon snack, you do get a lot of value for your money. Consider the tea being all-you-can-drink, the glass of bubbly, and all the little treats. And also, the fact that this really is a unique experience in Leuven.

So if you’re in want for a fun girlie afternoon in Leuven, and you don’t mind eating a crazy amount of food in front of these girlfriends, this is definitely your thing! The table next to us was a nice crowd of ladies in their early 30s, but they seemed to be very concerned with being judged by each other and didn’t eat even half of the food! What a waste! We all know it, girls, we really can eat that much. And we would. If no one was watching. So make sure that when you do come here, you enjoy it to the fullest! And if you don’t, I’ll come have your leftovers, thankyouverymuch.



Bye Bye Wonderful Weekend

Coming Monday, I would’ve probably written a massive post about all the fun stuff we would’ve done over the weekend. Ow boy, have I been looking forward to this weekend! Some of the boyfriend’s mates were coming to visit, spend the weekend at ours. They’re a lovely couple that like to sight see, play board games, and I bet of course they would’ve loved the Belgian beer and food we would’ve stuffed them with.

We were supposed to pick them up from the airport last night. I had arranged that I could start work slightly later today, so I could set up their first Belgian breakfast: chocolate spread, gingerbread, all sorts of yummy sweet stuff. Then I would show them how to get to the town centre and leave them to explore for a day while the boyfriend and I would be working. And tonight, we would’ve cooked for them and played some board games. Tomorrow, we would’ve taken the train to Bruges, by far the most amazing city in Belgium. It’s got history, it’s got beauty, and it’s got amazingly cute cafes and restaurants, again, with delicious food and beer. I was so happy I could go show off my cute little country again! Sunday of course we would do a big Sunday breakfast, and maybe go for a walk in one of the parks close by, or go to the Christmas Markets.

It would’ve been a weekend filled with nice food and drinks, a good dose of sight seeing, getting into the Christmas spirit, and wonderful company. Especially for the boyfriend, who has been missing his friends ever since he moved over here for me.

But yeah, none of that this weekend. Our visitors couldn’t find their passports. Bugger!

Seaside Sunday

It’s that time of year where everyone has a cold and the whole country is sniffing its way through the day. Except for me and the boyfriend. We were properly suffering our way through the day. Horrendous viral infection of the throat, with a massive cold on top. That could only mean one thing: cuddling up on the couch in our pyjamas with liters of tea, being buried in tissues, watching movies all day long. I have to say, being ill reduces stress levels massively. At least it does if you have enough time to catch up on things as well.

By the weekend, we were feeling better and got everything sorted. Shopping for the next week: check. Cleaning of the house: check. Laundry: check. Preparing everything so that the next work week would go smoothly: check. All that is left: spend our Sunday at the seaside!

We had planned this seaside Sunday for months now. A day out with the gang from secondary school and our favourite plus ones. It almost looked like all 14 of us would make it out, but in the end 12 would have to do the trick. So early on Sunday morning, we drove to Oostduinkerke. The weather was actually not too bad. I went with my feet in the sea, and as long as we kept moving the beach was actually quite pleasant. How do you do that, the keeping on moving? Well, here’s what we did. We came up with little competitions for the last biscuit. For example: place your hand on the sand, turn 12 circles, and then try to throw a tennis ball to hit the mark further along on the beach. Very entertaining to watch. Or try to take group photos with the good ol’ timer on your old fashioned camera, but make the time to position yourselves 2 seconds rather than 10, merely for entertainment purposes. Or make a massive sand turtle (we like to make sandcastles of the not castle variety) and call him Bruce.

After all the playing on the beach, we were quite hungry so the quest for food had begun. We ended up with chips on the beach, which to me is still the best way to go. And then of course a coffee on one of the sunny terraces. With biscuits. Booyah.

Next on the schedule: go-carts! Two teams of six, let the games begin! Somehow, I ended up behind the wheel of our team’s chariot (I call us Team Fun) and I took that as a sign for some mental 360 turns and wobbling from left to right at unexpected moments. We decided on a theme song, Opzij Opzij Opzij by Herman van Veen, and chased Team Less Fun around the whole village, of course to finish off with a warm meal (fish, omnomnom) and a final drink before the sleepy ride home.

Ah, what a glorious day! I have to admit my throat didn’t feel better for it, but my spirits definitely did.