My Guilty Pleasure

Today I was going to tell you about my Guilty Pleasure. Because yesterday, I was supposed to have indulged in that said Guilty Pleasure more than ever before. What Guilty Pleasure is that? Oh, believe you me, it is very guilty indeed.

You know those things you like as a teenager, and everyone slightly older around you seems to hate it but you have not yet figured out why. And you make a pact with a friend about your love for this given thing. Well, when I was about 13, me and a friend really really liked this one band. We could sing along to all of their songs and even tried playing some of them ourselves on the guitar. Everyone we knew, however, was radically against this band. It was as if no one they knew was allowed to listen to this music, let alone enjoy it. Our love for the band did indeed fade away as everyone had predicted, but our promise didn’t. We promised each other that if they would ever come to Belgium, we would go see them perform. For sure.

12 years later, we heard that they were finally touring Europe and also playing in Belgium. However, 12 years later, our knowledge of the lyrics had fadedĀ and we didn’t know any of their new stuff. Should we? You see, I never really go to concerts. The massive crowds used to freak me out. They don’t scare me as much anymore now, but still I just never do those kind of things. So, should we? Ah what the hack, why not. A promise is a promise, right? We marked the date in our calenders and bought our tickets. Wednesday the 11th of November, we were going to watch good ol’ Nickelback!

Imagine our disappointment when we found out only yesterday that they had cancelled their full European tour! Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Better find a new Guilty Pleasure then, although I’m quite sure nothing will beat the guiltiness of this one.