Memory Therapy

One way to remember your travels fondly, is doing something with what you have left. Making a scrapbook with tickets and maps and photos. Writing a travel story. Or what I tend to do: making a movie. I love picking some music that takes me straight back to a particular moment, adding little videos of that particular adventure. Usually, going through my photos and videos makes me quite sad because I miss it so badly. But this is a good way to deal with it. You can see the beautiful sights and remember the amazing memories, but because you’re actually doing something with them, it keeps your mind of the sadness!

I just had a look at some of my videos from my year in Australia last year. I have so many, but I decided to use only the ones from Western Australia, and only the ones where I was doing some sort of travelling, as in, being on the road, in a boat, on foot, etc. Of course it did turn out longer than I had hoped, and I can imagine for people who weren’t there with me, it might be quite boring. But for me, it is therapeutic 😉

I hope you like it!

Let me know what artsy craftsy things you do with your memories, maybe I can find myself some new therapy!