My Little Furry Friends Now On Telly!

The boyfriend had another brilliant idea. He saw a preview for this show The Story of Cats on ITV, and he put it in his calendar for me. Yesterday evening, I had a cuteness overload.

Yes, I am a cat lady. When I was still a child, girls were either into dolphins, horses or cats. I’ve been a dolphin girl for a while, but I kept going back to cats. Maybe because my dream of becoming a dolphin trainer seemed a bit unlikely to come true. And where I lived, cats were always just around the corner. Literally. There was a farm around the corner, and they had a lot of cats to take care of the mice. The cats didn’t really get any food, they had to fend for themselves. So naturally, a lot of them were prowling in our garden and we occasionally started feeding them. They were very much outside cats, they hated coming inside, but after a while they really felt like our pets. Every morning no matter the weather I would go outside in my pyjamas to play with the cat. Every evening when I cycled back from school, I would ring my bell getting home and the cats would come running for playtime and cuddles. (And food.)

I could tell you a thousand stories about my childhood cats, all the most wonderful little creatures with so much love to give. Yes, to you dog lovers, cats can give love too! Like how they used to follow me around when I was playing in the garden. But I just wanted to talk about this cat show.

It showed some awesome footage of big and small cats, and explained why our domestic cats are the way they are. They compared their climbing skills to those of the cloudy leopard, their running abilities to the cheetah’s, their bite to the jaguar’s, etc. Our furry little friends have a pretty impressive heritage! Next week will be about how we came to domesticate cats. Interesting!

I absolutely loved all the cute furry faces and can’t wait for the next episode. I know I sound very silly in my love for cats and no, I am not 10 years old anymore, but once a crazy cat lady always a cat lady!