A Love Letter to the Sun

There is a specific kind of happiness that comes with sunbathing at the deserted seaside. How I love the warmth of the sun on my face, the orange light behind my eyelids, the sea breeze making my hair all crazy and leaving that peaceful rushing sound in my ears that is only broken by the sound of the waves either crashing into the each other or just gently wobbling along the sand or stones. Sometimes I even mix in some music. Mostly instrumental, lounge-like stuff. It lets my mind fly past like the seagulls drifting on the wind.

It doesn’t even have to be warm, wether it’s just my face getting the sun and every other part of me wrapped in hats and gloves and scarves and coats, or wether it’s me in a dress or a bikini. When the sun warms your face, the rest of your body feels golden too.

Or I might also get that happiness away from the sea, maybe in an empty field or a quiet spot on the side of a mountain. But it has to be peaceful. No other people. Just me, some animals, and the sun.

I’m not even sure if happiness is the correct way to describe it. It’s more like complete and utter contentness. Life feeling perfect right there and then. The sun being so overpowering that you simply can’t worry. You simply can’t come up with anything to worry about. All that matters is inhaling deeply and exhaling while smiling. Yes. You are smiling. Your face muscles feel completely relaxed, and still you are smiling.

And you could lie there for hours. Or sometimes just a few minutes, and it feels like you were there for hours: you feel like a new person. I really don’t know anything as relaxing as a peaceful lonely sun session.

Sun, please come visit soon. I’ll start with finding the perfect quiet spots near me so I’m ready when you get here. I miss you.

Lots of love,




Seaside Sunday

It’s that time of year where everyone has a cold and the whole country is sniffing its way through the day. Except for me and the boyfriend. We were properly suffering our way through the day. Horrendous viral infection of the throat, with a massive cold on top. That could only mean one thing: cuddling up on the couch in our pyjamas with liters of tea, being buried in tissues, watching movies all day long. I have to say, being ill reduces stress levels massively. At least it does if you have enough time to catch up on things as well.

By the weekend, we were feeling better and got everything sorted. Shopping for the next week: check. Cleaning of the house: check. Laundry: check. Preparing everything so that the next work week would go smoothly: check. All that is left: spend our Sunday at the seaside!

We had planned this seaside Sunday for months now. A day out with the gang from secondary school and our favourite plus ones. It almost looked like all 14 of us would make it out, but in the end 12 would have to do the trick. So early on Sunday morning, we drove to Oostduinkerke. The weather was actually not too bad. I went with my feet in the sea, and as long as we kept moving the beach was actually quite pleasant. How do you do that, the keeping on moving? Well, here’s what we did. We came up with little competitions for the last biscuit. For example: place your hand on the sand, turn 12 circles, and then try to throw a tennis ball to hit the mark further along on the beach. Very entertaining to watch. Or try to take group photos with the good ol’ timer on your old fashioned camera, but make the time to position yourselves 2 seconds rather than 10, merely for entertainment purposes. Or make a massive sand turtle (we like to make sandcastles of the not castle variety) and call him Bruce.

After all the playing on the beach, we were quite hungry so the quest for food had begun. We ended up with chips on the beach, which to me is still the best way to go. And then of course a coffee on one of the sunny terraces. With biscuits. Booyah.

Next on the schedule: go-carts! Two teams of six, let the games begin! Somehow, I ended up behind the wheel of our team’s chariot (I call us Team Fun) and I took that as a sign for some mental 360 turns and wobbling from left to right at unexpected moments. We decided on a theme song, Opzij Opzij Opzij by Herman van Veen, and chased Team Less Fun around the whole village, of course to finish off with a warm meal (fish, omnomnom) and a final drink before the sleepy ride home.

Ah, what a glorious day! I have to admit my throat didn’t feel better for it, but my spirits definitely did.