“What Is Your Travel Destiny”

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I love taking these little quizzes online. “Which season are you” or “Which city should you have been born in” and that kind of rubbish. Why do I like ‘m? Dunno really. But this is the last one I tried, and I wondered which country Adam would get.

It’s one from Lonely Planet, which makes me feel a bit less stupid because it’s not about “what kind of sock are you” or anything like that. As you might expect, it’s about travel. More specifically: my travel destiny! Woooo. Sound exciting? Yes, it does!

Question 1: If your ideal destination was a drink, it’d be…

I picked craft beer. Although I have to admit, it isn’t just a drink, it’s also a challenge. You’d be surprised at how many (less than)average craftbeers are out there.

But anyways, off to the next question.

Question 2: You simply can’t travel without…


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