Skipping Winter

I think I might just start blogging again. If you’d ask me why I had a break, I’d have to say because I’m too lazy. So please don’t ask 😉 But spring is around the corner and who doesn’t feel inspired after those first rays! Yes, I spent the weekend spring-prepping the garden and going for walks. Scrolling through my previous blog posts, it’s as if winter never happened!

Well, just for the sake of it, let’s say it didn’t. Or let’s say it did, but it was only as long as the holiday season. So imagine this: spring, summer, those first sunny autumn days, the beautiful colours in the forest. And suddenly: December, snow, Christmas and BAM, sunshine and roses and rainbows from the second of January onwards! I’m so ready for it, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in this blog that-was-hypothetically-never-on-hold.

Things to look forward to: I’m going to Budapest, and also, it’s Saint Paddy’s day soon! Bring it on!


The Beauty of Home

Have you ever noticed how it’s so much easier to be happy and amazed when your not Home? And with Home I mean the place where you grew up. Once you have travelled and moved to a new Home, you appreciate the beauty of that new place a thousand times more than the beauty of Home number one.

For example: I can imagine that if you go on holiday to for example Italy, you visit a fair bit of churches. Have you ever visited the one in your hometown? Or, when on holiday, you might go for a morning walk or run around the hotel and find some gorgeous spots that might not be in your travel guide because after all, they are just standard beauty. Have you ever noticed that kind of standard beauty and stopped to admire it when running around your Home?

I’m really trying to. It’s a part of my post-travel-life therapy. Once in a while, I stop and try to look at Home with the eyes of a tourist. This weekend, it went extremely well. Why? Because winter has arrived.

We don’t really get decent winters anymore. The ones with a lot of snow and ice skating on the lakes. But Thursday night, it started snowing. Compared to northern countries, it was nothing. But for us Belgians, it was more than we’d seen in a long time. Coming home from work in the evening, I went straight into the back garden to build a snow man! Biggest one I’ve ever made!

It hasn’t been snowing since, but it’s still cold so when out of the city, it’s winter wonderland. Sunday, me and the boyfriend had a gorgeous walk. Just around the block really, should’ve taken us less than an hour, but it was so pretty we stopped after every corner to take in the view and soak in the sunshine, just like I was craving so badly!


And even this morning, a Monday morning of all things, I was amazed by Home. While waiting for my train, usually I am browsing Facebook or WordPress. But now, my fingers were too cold so I had to put the phone away. And I noticed an absolutely stunning sunrise.


I feel inspired by the beauty of home, and I have extra strength now to tackle my post-travel-life this week. Thank you winter, thank you home, you have given me hope!